Stainless Steel Metal Straws & Wooden Case Set - 2 Cases + 4 Straws

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Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Premium Stainless Steel Metal Drinking Straws with 2 Handcrafted Wooden Cases | Wide Mouth Straw Set of 4 with 2 Cleaning Brushes | Great for 20oz Yetis & Ozark Tumblers, 8in Long

BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED CARRYING CASE: Our 4 reusable metal straws come with 2 discrete, patent pending beechwood cases with our logo etched on the side. Its subtle and ergonomic design is meant to blend in with the other contents of your purse or briefcase. Each wooden case can hold one straw and one brush cleaner, so you and a family member or friend can carry one, or you can leave the remaining straws at home in the drawstring calico bag. The EcoTribe stainless steel straws are designed for easy travel.

BE GOOD TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Our landfills continue to rise and overflow as we use and dispose items after a single use. Throwaway plastic and paper cups, plates, cutlery, and straws are a huge culprit. Often, these items are thrown away without ever being used. With the EcoTribe 8-inch stainless steel straws, you can be eco-friendly and help in the effort to preserve mother nature while also enjoying the feel of quality material between your lips.

BE KIND TO YOUR MOUTH: Most disposable straws are not BPA-free and are comprised of manmade materials. These chemicals can seep into your mouth and skin. You wouldn’t voluntarily consume plastic, particularly cheaply made plastic that is filled with toxins. So why drink out of the very stuff you would never put in your body? The toxins seep into your drink and into your mouth, causing possible short-term and long-term health problems. Don’t take the chance. You and your family deserve better.

EASY TO CLEAN: We recognize that what makes disposable products so attractive is their convenience. One use & just toss it in the garbage, never to be thought of again. Cleaning your straw is an extra step, but it’s a necessary step if we are going to do our part to prevent waste. Our steel straws with holder come with 2 cotton and stainless steel cleaning brushes that, just like the straws, are non-plastic and vegan. They sit nicely in the center of the straw for easy mobility and cleaning.

DRINKS STAY EXTRA REFRESHING: One of the many downfalls of plastic straws is the taste they can leave behind. With our stainless-steel cocktail straws, all you taste is the liquid that you’re meant to taste. Furthermore, because of the material, the straw itself gets cool, leaving your cold drink with an extra chill when consumed. This makes it great for summertime when you need straws for smoothies, yetis, milkshakes, or mixed drinks. And what a great gift idea!


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Kathlene T. Hogrefe
Awesome product!

Love having these metal straws around. I take them everywhere. Only downside is that they don’t fold, so they can be a bit long which means I have to carry a purse/bag big enough.

Strong a.
Strong and sturdy

This is all I use now and my family loves them.

Great way to help decrease waste!

Perfect for the morning iced coffee! Easy to clean! And the carrying case makes it so easy to bring around with you in case you need it unexpectedly.

Guy B.
My Forever straw

This product was exatly what I expected. Service was timely and a high quality product.

Neema K.

Satisfied completely

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