Creativity Station - European Birch - Blackboard

Creativity Station - European Birch - Blackboard


A versatile furniture piece that will grow with your child.

A clever kids chalkboard, desk and chair set, The Creativity Station by Ecotribe easily converts from blackboard to an adjustable position desk and chair.

A versatile, innovative kids desk and chair set that easily grows with your child from toddler drawing on a chalkboard easel, to an art table for kids, to a children's desk and chair set for school and study.

Made from strong durable plywood this desk and chair set will prove itself to be an important and adaptable piece of play and study furniture in your home from as early as preschool, through elementary school and into your child's teenage student years.

The design is wooden construction and is quick and easy to convert between a drawing board and high or low desk set. The table and chair have 3 height positions plus the large magnetic drawing board.

Little kids and adults alike will love the clever modern design that will fit beautifully and functionally in any bedroom, playroom or study environment. It's Montessori style and wood designer aesthetic makes it equally enjoyable and both for boys and girls.

The perfect creative solution for an all-in-one kids station for work, art, study and play.

This clever, easy change design allows you to adjust the height of both desk and chair to fit your child as they grow. A great chalkboard easel for toddlers and preschoolers, it then easily converts to a kids desk and chair set with three different height combinations, right up to adult size!


The perfect creativity station, for your preschool age child. As a large blackboard art easel it provides plenty of drawing board space making it awesome for kids or presentations, or flip the board over to make a cool and crafty desk!