Giving Back

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems”- Mahatma Gandhi

Here at EcoTribe, we are strong believers in giving back to local and far-away communities, sharing abundant prosperity all around the world. We are all in this together, so we must take care of each other, at the same time keeping the health of the environment in mind, for without her, our future would not be nearly as bright.

World Land Trust – an international conservation charity, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has funded partner organisations around the world to help fund land purchase and create nature reserves to protect threatened habitats and wildlife. A donation of $100 will save approx. one acre of threatened habitat.

EcoTribe has a goal to fund over 500 acres of land between now and 2020.

Kiva – an international nonprofit, founded in 2005, with a mission to alleviate poverty in more than 80 countries by connecting people though a unique lending scheme. It allows you to invest your money in someone else’s future, so that they may start a business, grow a garden, access clean energy or even provide supplies for a child to go to school. Help people and communities create a better future for themselves, by investing in their positive energy and creative ideas!

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