About us

Dreamt from our desire to surround ourselves, our family and our friends with fun, functional, well-made, beautiful items that not only look great, but are environmentally conscious, we wondered about the possibility of sourcing eco-friendly and minimal-impact products that were as good for us, as they were for the environment.

Once we came to the realization that other people also wanted these very same durable and sustainable items, EcoTribe was born.

Children, like adults, don’t need more of everything and anything – they need fun and engaging toys that promote mindfulness, imagination, in other words responsible creativity. And the world would certainly be better off with less plastic, fewer chemicals and cheap toys that are destined for landfill after just a few times of play. When we care for the Earth, we care for the future of our children – it all starts with conscious consumption. So, give your children the best options early on, let them experience natural toys, bring quality into your home, and in turn, they will grow up with love and responsible care for the Earth, reinforcing the values that you embrace today.

In selecting our small range of products, we believe in offering toys that are made only from natural materials, such as wood, hemp, organic cotton, that are either undyed, or with a non-toxic finish.

Our packaging is also eco-friendly, made from recycled cardboard with minimal unnecessary internal packaging – our boxes are made to fit the product, not the other way around.

It is our personal guarantee, that every product we offer has been selected with well-thought care, always taking ecological principles to heart. Our standard for excellence means that we regard quality, safety and natural materials as part of the product; the transparent service we provide and the customer relationships that help us to grow as a small business, are the icing on the cake.

We support ethical manufacturers who create items with integrity and provide their workers a fair wage. We source only from conscientious companies with like-minded values and we always love to share our eco-friendly finds with you.

Our small selection of sustainable products will grow to many more with time – BUT we will only source the best we can find, when and where we can find them… quality over quantity is our motto!

If you need any assistance, we are only an email away: hello@eco-tribe.com

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